SilverCloud Overdrive Accessories

SilverCloud Overdrive Accessories

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Universal Hardwire Kit

The Universal Hardwire Kit is the perfect solution for long term tracking within a vehicle. Users can simply connect the hardwire kit to the vehicle’s battery or through its fuse box. This secure installation allows for uninterrupted power to the tracking device. This GPS tracking accessory connects to all LandAirSea real-time GPS Tracking devices. For users that are planning long periods of tracking, this hardwire kit is a very convenient and beneficial tool.


SilverCloud Overdrive Magnet Mount

Conduct vehicle tracking activity longer than ever before without drivers being aware. The SilverCloud Overdrive Magnet Mount affords business owners and individuals the opportunity to track assets and people in the most discreet fashion. This magnet mount connects to the SilverCloud Overdrive Live GPS Tracker and has an incredibly strong magnet, providing more than 50 pounds of force, that connects to any metallic part of a vehicle. This magnet mount is also water resistance, which ensures the SilverCloud Overdrive Live GPS Tracker remains in place regardless of weather conditions.

*Only compatible with the Overdrive model.


SilverCloud Overdrive Battery Pack

Extend your GPS tracking indefinitely. The SilverCloud Overdrive Battery Pack provides business owners and individuals the ability to track their vehicles and assets over extremely long periods of time. The battery pack comes with the 5000 Lithium Ion Battery, which can provide battery life for up to a month’s worth of driving (48-56 hours). By enabling users to switch out the batteries indiscriminately, vehicles can be tracked without worry of waning battery life. This battery pack can only be used with the SilverCloud Overdrive Live GPS Tracker.


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